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1,5% of tax

Since 2004, we can donate 1,5% of the tax to public benefit organizations.   As a result, there was a unique opportunity to support many important projects, activities and initiatives close to our views or beliefs.   The Stupa House Foundation has had the status of an OPP since 2004. Since then, thanks to your generosity, we have been able to support an increasing number of projects related to the preservation of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.   Thanks to the 1,5% donated by you to the Stupa House Foundation, we were able to support:   Build:
  1. Hall of Buddhas in Warsaw
  2. Buddhist Meditation Center in Gdańsk
  3. Buddhist Retreat Center in Nagodzice
  4. Buddhist Retreat Center in Bartołty Wielkie
  5. Buddhist Retreat Center in Zagórzany
  6. The annual organization of the Buddhist Culture Festival in many Polish cities
  7. Purchase and shipment of Buddhist books to the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute (K.I.B.I) library in New Delhi / India
  8. Purchase and shipment of Buddhist books to public libraries throughout Poland
  9. Online PIT settlement with for OPP.
We implement the project in cooperation with the IWOP.